December 20, 2012

Schneider Drug and Hair Follicle Drug Screens

     Just got back from getting the required drug screen for my employment with Schneider Trucking. Talk about getting very thorough. You have to do the typical urine test plus they have you do a hair follicle test. They want to confirm that you didn't stay clean for a month just to pass your test. They really don't want to hire anyone with any type of frequent drug use and I can't say that I don't blame them. Driving is serious business. 

     First you do the urine sample the typical way by peeing in the cup. After the urine sample the nurse needs a hair sample also to complete the hair follicle test. I didn't want to risk getting any bald spots on my head since they need a sample as close to the skin as possible so I chose my chest hair. They can also do underarm hair too. With the hair follicle test they supposedly can track traces up 90 days back and possibly more. 

     Here is an interesting web site on the facts of the Hair Follicle Drug Test. So be clean and stay sober so you too can pass your hair follicle test. 

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  1. Three tips to pass Drug Test may help you:

    1. Get Vitamin B this works by going into the blood stream.
    2. Cranberry pills, they help you piss a lot and cleanse it.
    3. Drink a lot of water